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Previous Show - 2nd May 2011


Midlands heat of the BBC New Talent Award

Wow, what a show. The BBC have certainly upped the ante when it comes to new talent comedy competitions.

They ran the show themselves, with their own music, own intro system, own everything. It was such a slick operation.

The compere they had was
Jimmy McGhie - see - he was brilliant. Great interaction with the audience and lots of improv.

The comics in order of appearance:

Mark Simmons

Nick Wells

Luke Graves
- Luke was easily the winner of the night and chosen by the judges to go to the next round

Rob Beckett
- he was my second best act of the night

Max Dowler

Katy Bulmer

Nish Kumar

Trish Weller

Patrick Kavanagh

Stuart Hossack
- Stuart was chosen by the judges to be the runner-up.